BeACCoN stands for “Better Access and Care for Complex Needs” and is Ontario’s response to the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) for Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations. 

The BeACCoN network is premised on partnerships between research, policy and practice, with the intent to create a dynamic and responsive learning network that will encourage the development, evaluation and scale up of new approaches to the delivery of integrated and cost-effective primary care services vertically through the health care system and horizontally across multiple sectors.

**BeACCoN will facilitate interested grant applicants until September 6th in connecting with other provinces for potential partners and matched funding. BeACCoN itself will not be providing cash matches. After September 6th, BeACCoN may not be able to provide the same support**

Recent Publication:

BeACCoN Symposium Report - Priorities and Principles for Health Analytics Transformation to Support Patient‐oriented Research and Health System Innovation is now available. (February 8, 2017)

The confluence of the interest from TAHSN‐based researchers and innovators in a new data infrastructure and combined with the commitment of TAHSN CEOs to develop a shared health analytics strategy has created an important opportunity. The purpose of the Symposium was to bring together some key thought leaders from the TAHSN/U of T research and innovation community and other key stakeholders to outline a shared vision for a data infrastructure and analytics infrastructure across TAHSN institutions. 

Additional Information: